Wednesday, June 30, 2004

We interrupt our regular programming... take care of a damn kidney stone. And I had so much to share with you today. Oh well, I should be back tomorrow, "ship-shape and bristol fashion," just in time for Canada Day... eh?


Jamie said...

Best of luck, Dave. I'll send up a prayer for you.

ginny said...

Ouch!!! Relying on our Good Lord to make it better soon :-)

Anonymous said...


Strange coincidence: my manager has a kidney stone? You aren't my manager by any chance, are you? ;-(

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

I had a nasty stone just back in February. Took a week - and surgery - to get rid of it.

Never felt pain like that in my life before. Some women tell me it's worse than childbirth. I can believe it.

I became quite a connesieur of pain medication. Demerol is the best.