Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ad Random

I gotta go to court tomorrow. Seems I was in an auto accident about fifteen months ago, and I gotta be in the dock to explain what happened. My insurance more than covers me, though, so there's no personal liability. Otherwise I'd have a helluva time buying a house, now, wouldn't I?

Funny thing, though. As the attorney was interviewing me, he asked what I did for a living. I told him I was a graphic designer for the Feds. That threw him off, since my answers made me sound like a lawyer. "Oh, that comes from discussing Thomas Aquinas at the dinner table when I was growing up. No, I didn't get this way from watching re-runs of Law and Order. I'm like this in real life."

[UPDATE: I got a call later in the day. The parties are close to a settlement, so my appearance has been postponed, perhaps indefinitely.]

I'll be spending the rest of the month getting the house in shape for the big house-warming shindig right before Christmas. (This weekend's a big deal; we get the lower level in order, especially the kitchen.) So all you St Blog's people in the DC area stay tuned for your personal invitations, okay?

There's a lot of things I could comment on right now, but matters of home and hearth come first. I'll be sure and comment on them, of course.

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