Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Let Them Eat... (Melted) Cake?

Judith Moriarty of TCRNews provides reflections on the aftermath of Katrina: "When the levees broke on Tuesday-August 30-05, he [President Bush] was flying around in the gas guzzling Air Force One, delivering a melted cake to McCain in Arizona, and then celebrating victory over Japan in California, with Rumsfeld. He took time to strum on a gifted guitar as the people drowned in their homes or took to the rooftops waving flags of distress. The day the music died. Condi was in New York shopping for thousand dollar shoes, and attending a Broadway show. Cheney hung out a Gone Fishing sign and headed for the pristine streams [absent floating bodies, dead vermin, and fecal matter] of Wyoming, to do some fly fishing. Other politicians were scattered, hither and yon, vacationing; what with the money to do so, having given themselves their yearly cost of living increase in wages."

Hey, Judith, this is what happens in August in DC. Everybody scatters "hither and yon" during the late summer recess, a holdover from the days before air conditioning. But it does make one wonder if they could have dropped what they were doing a hell of a lot sooner. Like they did on 9-11.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin (who's usually right about everything else -- almost!) is posting comments of outrage, that the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania includes a grove of trees shaped like a crescent moon, which is the symbol of Islam. That's a lot like saying that every street intersection in the country is a violation of "church-state separation" because they're shaped like a Christian cross.

As I recall (and Mrs Malkin is probably too young to remember), everybody bitched about the Vietnam Vets Memorial too, because it wasn't a guy on a horse. Since then, "The Wall" has become the most popular attraction in Washington.

Give me a break.

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Jack said...

During the memorial service held at Yankee Stadium in the weeks following the 9/11 trajedy, I recall seeing/hearing a person of the Islam faith incanting a song in the language of their religion. It was played over the loudspeakers throughout the stadium, and most certainly reverberated down to the very souls of the participants of other persuasions at the solemn event.

Does/did anyone else take umbrage at what I construed as a blatant attempt to show pratitioners of that religion we "understood" them? It was a liitle to in-your-face for my taste.

Hope this isn't too inflamatory for this web site but I always wanted to ge tthat off my chest.