Tuesday, November 15, 2005

La Belle France???

I have hesitated to write about the disturbing developments in the country of (most of) my ancestry.

Until now.

That's because, thanks to my colleague and sister in Christ, Mrs Darwin, my attention has been brought to the musical version of this saga. I cannot wait for Les Risibl├ęs to appear in dinner theaters across this great land of ours. Mrs D posts an excerpt from Act III at her site, DarwinCatholic.

Takes me back to my days in the high school musicals. (Sigh...!)

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MrsDarwin said...

I wonder if it will develop a cult following among teenaged girls, who will sing the popular "arias" at the drop of a hat... All it needs is a mysterious masked man.

I weep at the thought of Iowahawk's genius. I wish I could turn out posts that are a tenth as funny as his. I'd give my eye teeth to have come up with Les Risables.