Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Girls Who Never Fly Coach Revisited

Last week I ventured into the larger realm of the blogosphere, long enough to report on the adventures of the heart of one Seattle/Las Vegas/Costa Rica resident named Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey. Well, it seems Cupid is lurking around the corner a bit earlier than called for by her meticulous plans, as an old sweetheart from college has shown up at her door, as if on cue. It also seems the things that used to bother her about him are no longer an issue, while the "old magic" is still there.


It's been my experience (such as it is) that no matter how much a woman insists she is "not ready for a relationship," she will drop everything when that Certain Someone walks into the proverbial crowded room. She could be working two jobs, or spend much of the year on business travel or whatever. But when Love gives her a good whack on the head with a two by four, the excuses go right out the window.

In the case of our heroine, a closer read would show that, her protestations notwithstanding, she is never unattached for very long.

(Me, a sore loser? Perish the thought!)

But, hey, let's give her credit where it's due; she admits to the possibility of being on the rebound. If I were her (given the understanding that I'm not worthy), I'd act on that instinct, because it's probably true. And from the looks of things, she oughta come up for air once in a while anyway. Whatever happens, her growing fan base appears to have moved her to convert this would-be "Sex in the City" drama into -- get this -- a five-part series! No doubt a concession to all those "low-quality" men who want to live vicarious lives following every tug of her heartstrings. This could explain why she's inundated with online suitors.

If they click on over to the internet casino links, this inconvenience could actually pay off. C'mon, boys, Baby needs a new pair of shoes!


Anonymous said...

What is up with the scantily clad cartoon?? I'm not even sure what its getting at... but I certainly wasn't expecting to be half-mooned by a cartoon on this site.

Theocoid said...

For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone is giving this young lady some much space in their minds. Of course, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it myself...