Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aftermath Plus Five

Around the blogosphere...

Irish Elk has a number of tributes and reminisces. Mr Sullivan is always good for this sort of thing.

Dawn Eden was a Red Cross worker near Ground Zero that day. She gives two accounts; one of Planned Barrenhood's bizarre response (after all, while the buildings are falling around them, women are gonna be lining up for abortions, right?). She also provides a guest post in a similar vein entitled "Choice 9/11."

"Don Jim" Tucker recalls a 2005 Popular Mechanics article devoted to "9/11: Debunking The Myths." One of those half-baked theories is that the Pentagon was not hit by a passenger jetliner, but by some sort of projectile secretly launched by our Government, in an attempt to provide a pretext for invading Iraq. This would be news to at least one captain in the Arlington (Virginia) Fire Department of whom I'm aware, who had to go into the wreckage that day, to discover the bodies of passengers still strapped to their seats. He and many of his brothers-in-arms had to undergo counseling afterwards in the face of witnessing such carnage. It wasn't for risking their lives for a figment of the imagination.

That is not stopping at least one inhabitant of the Catholic blogosphere from perpetuating this theory, among others. In so doing, if only with respect to what occurred at the Pentagon, he calls into question the good character and integrity of those brave men and women in my adopted hometown, who at one time or another, were there when I needed them.

I take this opportunity to plead with this gentleman, to cease and desist from perpetuating this nonsense. He knows who he is, and where to find me.

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