Friday, September 01, 2006

My computer experience appears to have come down to the above for the moment.

The Macintosh G4 at home crashed on Wednesday night. Attempts to run a diagnostic with Norton Utilities have failed, as the computer won't recognize the disk. Then I put in another one for the upgrade to 10.4, and it recognized that, but it won't locate the startup drive. So unless I can get my hands on the latest version of TechTools in the next week, It's either a service call, or salvage the hard drive for data recovery and move on.

I start school next month at the Art Institute. The class is "Intermediate Scripting Languages," and it involves code, and since I haven't done serious coding in over a year, the next few weeks are gonna be a crash course.

And speaking of moving on, Sal and I are headed to Johnstown PA today for the FolkFest, so we'll be bringing you a full report upon our return. Comments submitted may lie dormant for a few days unless I can get brief access while I'm up there. Then again, maybe I can cut the umbilical cord for once, eh?

Stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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Catholic Mom said...


Feel free to email me when you get back in town. My husband the Mac Nerd just dealt with a similar issue and my parents' G4 iMac. He is always happy to talk Macs and trouble shoot.