Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Top Ten Revisited

Yesterday we featured CNN's Kyra Phillips because of that little accident in the little girls room, right? Well, not to be outdone, ScrappleFace has come up with a top ten list for CBS's Katie Couric, who according to the report, asked viewers what would be a fitting closing line to her nightly broadcast, which premiered last night. Walter Cronkite had "and that's the way it is." Dan Rather had "Courage." Here's a selection for the latest fresh face of the MSM:

10. “Well, there’s 22 minutes of your life you can never get back.”
9. “News pH balanced. We report. You admire.”
8. “I hope to see you tomorrow night, because all I see tonight is the TelePromTer.”
7. “I’m Katie Couric, and that’s the way it is at the DNC.”
6. “That’s the news and I mean it. Does anybody want a peanut?”
5. “I’m Katie Couric and this is one sweet gig!”
4. “If you stand up for a few minutes now, you won’t get so many sofa sores.”
3. “Now you know what to think. But you don’t really have to.”
2. “Why read the news online when I get paid millions to do it for you?”
1. “What makes a muskrat guard its musk?”

Smile, Katie.


S.H. said...

I vote for #10

Athanasius said...

I have to agree, #10 should be #1. However I've got my own:

"This is Katie Couric, who needs Curves, I have Photoshop!"