Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Moon

I found your letter in my mailbox today
You were just checking if I was okay
And if I miss you, well you know what they say
Just once in a very blue moon
Just once in a very blue moon
Just once in a very blue moon
And I feel one coming on soon.

-- Patrick Alger and Eugene Levine

At 9:04 pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA) tonight, the full moon over North America will turn blue. Well, not literally. And not because it's the second full moon within a calendar month, as popular folklore suggests. An article at sheds some light -- moonlight, perhaps -- on the subject.

There are also songs that attempt to do the same...

It was on a moonlight night, the stars were shining bright;
And they whispered from on high, your love had said goodbye.
Blue moon of Kentucky, keep on shining,
Shine on the one that's gone and said goodbye.

-- William Smith "Bill" Monroe

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RobK said...

Thanks for the education. It inspired me to find the names for all of the moons. Here are my favorites so far.

January Moon After Yule
February Wolf Moon
March Lenten Moon
April Paschal Moon
May Corn Moon
June Hot Moon
July Mead Moon
August Red Moon
September Barley Moon
October Harvest Moon
November Hunter's Moon
December Moon Before Yule