Thursday, May 03, 2007


In the nearly five years that mwbh has been in operation, I do not believe I have ever made this sort of request of my readers. (Either of them.) Nevertheless, I am asking for "a wee bit o' prayer" on my behalf today.

There are some major decisions I may have to make in the next couple of weeks that will affect my academic life, and quite possibly my career. Things have become unusually difficult of late, and the challenge has begun to take its toll on me. I am also contemplating a serious change in the exercise of my apostolate work. I have been asked to take on a responsibility sooner than I would have expected. I do not wish to refuse it, but it will involve a serious commitment on my part. Finally, and perhaps most important, I have a decision to make concerning my household, one that could affect my relationship with my son for the foreseeable future.

I cannot ask for the cleverness to get around these challenges -- it is from these tests that saints are known to be made -- only the grace and fortitude to get through them.

That, and a chance to get a decent night's sleep now and then.


Catholic Mom said...

Happy to pray for you. May God give you the grace to see His will as you make decisions.

Flambeaux said...

Prayers en route.

Rich Leonardi said...

Count on ours, David.