Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Tiber Revisited

A while back, mwbh commented briefly on some high-profile conversions to -- as well as from -- Catholicism. The news of another one toward Rome has crossed this desk recently, that of Lutheran theologian (Missouri Synod) Peter Koons. Concerning this phenomenon, Josh "the Angry Lutheran" doesn't get it:

I’m especially baffled by guys who read Newman and almost immediately announce that they are headed for Rome. Is there something about his rhetoric that removes a certain type of person’s capacity for critical thought?

The answer would depend on what one means by "critical thought." G K Chesterton once said that the purpose of an open mind is the same as that of an open mouth, which is to shut it down on something solid. Maybe that's how he would have defined it when he became a Catholic.

(If anyone at the Tavern is watching, I am soooo gonna burn at the stake for this. Stay tuned...)

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