Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Just In: Best News All Day!

(CBS/AP) Taliban militants have set free the last group of South Koreans abducted by the extremist organization in central Afghanistan, witnesses said... The two women and one man were covered in dust as they walked out of the desert, accompanied by three armed men, and were turned over to waiting officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross... Their freedom ended a six-week drama that began when a 23-member group of Christian church volunteers was abducted on a busy road in the central Ghazni province on July 19. Two captives were executed by the kidnappers... The last seven captives were released Thursday in two separate groups. Two men and two women were handed over to the officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross on a road in Janda area in central Afghanistan earlier in the day... (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)


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