Monday, September 03, 2007


Today, the reformed Roman calendar commemorates Pope Saint Gregory the Great, who lived in the sixth century. He is one of only two popes to have received the title of "Great," and in addition to being a great reformer of the Church (and known among the Orthodox as "Gregory the Theologian"), but is responsible for the early reform of the liturgy in the Western church. The venerable tradition of the Roman Rite can properly be traced to him. I didn't have time to throw anything together, so you might head on over to Vultus Christi: "Pope Saint Gregory was deeply concerned with the dignity and beauty of the Sacred Liturgy. In this he was a worthy son of Saint Benedict. He encouraged the study of liturgical chant and the formation of singers for the glory of God. This is yet another reason for us to seek his intercession at this time when Pope Benedict XVI is taking measures to restore beauty, reverence and dignity to the celebration of the Holy Mysteries..."

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