Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beyond Four Dollars A Gallon

The Washington Examiner has a cover feature that says out loud, "NEW RIDERS CRAM METRO: More trains, buses may be added, GM says."

But people will still drive their cars, won't they?

This writer envisions a near-future where the average family of two or more children still has two cars, but for very different purposes. Where before, a husband and wife joined their respective four-door sedans to the one household, that scenario will have to be replaced, if it isn't already. One car would be a "highway car," a minivan or crossover vehicle large enough to haul the kids with either the groceries or the luggage for vacations. The other car would be the "city car," most likely a subcompact like the Toyota Yaris, or even the new "Smart Fortwo" micro-vehicle (see photo, click for better view) that is seen buzzing around cities in steadily increasing numbers. At a length of just under nine feet, and room for two passengers and a couple of suitcases, the Smart takes up half a parking space, especially when parking crossways, which is possible at a width of just over five feet. This can be very handy in town. And while gas mileage (42 mpg) does not exceed that of popular hybrids like the Toyota Prius, a future hybrid model may. The lack of excess, in a world that can afford it less, is probably in our future.


Adrienne said...

That car is sooooo cute it makes me want to weep (for joy)

Rose said...

I see people walking and riding bikes more. I remember street cars.

This is probably the new era of innovation, do you think?

Cute car, see one, buy one.

We already do as you suggested with our vehicles. Save half $ on gas.