Saturday, August 02, 2008

How’s Tricks?

Recently, Creative Minority Report disclosed of a possible attempt by Blogger to censor blogs, specifically "conservative" Catholic blogs. The story goes that some blogs were being labeled as "spam" if they were critical of Presidential candidate Barack Obama. CMR has since reported notice from Blogger saying that it is a system-wide problem, and not limited to blogs of a particular ideological slant.

We haven't noticed anthing here. While Blogger has improved considerably in the last two years (otherwise man with black hat would have gone through with plans to move elsewhere), they are still not clever enough to pull off something as complex as ideologically-based censorship. Not like those folks at YouTube, who seem to have a habit of labeling politically conservative video clips as "hate speech" when radical Islam is criticized (as opposed to when Muslims talk about killing infidels -- oh, no, that's just free expression, duh!). Just ask Michelle Malkin and the gang over at Hot Air. These days, Blogger works reasonably well, and sometimes the technical staff actually responds to a problem within the same week, if not always with the answer to your question.

Maybe sometime before November of this year, anyone who has any control of any form of mass media will quit trying to manipulate this Presidential election, ignoring the feeling running up or down their leg, long enough to let us all make up our own minds, while our minds are still ours to make up. Meanwhile, "yes we can" enjoy the accompanying video clip.

God bless America. HOO-rah.


Dad29 said...

Apparently it was part of the SiteMeter problem, which for some blogs caused an endless-loop reaction with IE7.

David L Alexander said...

Most browsers, whether in MacOS or Windows, are what is known as "standards compliant." They conform to international standards of web design/development code. IE7 is developed by Microsoft, which thinks their market share exempts them from having to play nice with other browsers. So you have to insert contingency "if IE7" lines in the head of the HTML source code, and accompanying code in the cascading style sheet (internal or external), and hope for the best.

I suspect some Blogger templates don't allow for this, especially the older ones. That might explain it.

Dad29 said...


Perhaps you recall that IBM came to dominance in mainframe computing precisely by "not playing nice" with any others.

Tito Edwards said...

Even with that said, it seemed to be mostly occuring on Catholic and conservative blogs.

But that's all that I read to begin with.