Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Spaces Are Everywhere

Lately I've been getting invitations from people in my network (which is what I suppose you call "friends" that you only know in cyberspace) to join Facebook, even... Plaxo? I've gotten a whole slew of them over the summer. I love communicating by e-mail, and I obviously enjoy this medium. But since I still work for a living, it's a bit of a challenge to handle so many different fora* at once.

Before this proliferation, though, I had a MySpace page, which I set up about two years ago. In light of the above, you might wonder why. Well, here's what I wrote in the profile:

This is written in light of recent news, about old guys trolling the internet looking for some action with underage girls, or even guys. I'm definitely not one of them. + + + My name is... really not important. I'm an almost-52-year-old graphic designer working for the Feds in what is politely called "the Nation's capital." There's only one reason I have a profile here, and that's to read my son's blog, and I need to be registered to do that. Anyway, he's almost 21, and I happen to think he's a pretty good writer, and I can say this with some assuredness, since he got it from me. I have no other reason to be here, so anyone snooping around here on behalf of Homeland Security or the CIA or the FBI or the PTA or any other acronyms I've missed, who has dedicated their lives to keeping the world safe from democracy... well, you're going to be very disappointed. + + + But as long as you're here, if you really want something worth reading, let me recommend you check out "memento_mori" sometime. That's what he calls himself. I get to call him anything I want. He gets to call me "Dad." + + + The rest of you have every right to feel safe here. Someone in the world loves you, whether you always notice it or not, and they want to keep you that way. So be careful. There's a lot of nut jobs in the world, and some of them have set up shop in myspace.com. + + + Like I said, I'm definitely not one of them. + + + Have a good life.

It seemed like the thing to do at the time.


* Plural of "forum." Hey, it's Latin. You expected an "s" on the end?

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matthew archbold said...

That's easily the greatest MySpace profile I've ever seen. Awesome. As a Dad of little ones presently, I'm not up to having to do that yet but it's a really good idea.
I'm stealing this idea, for sure.