Friday, August 29, 2008

Pelosi Meets Palin

There's been some excitement in this news cycle. McCain stepped outside the box just long enough to exude an original thought, one that may give him the edge over Obama once and for all. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was picked to be the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. This mother of five, the only one of the four major candidates with genuine executive experience in public office, was already a rising star in the GOP. She is known for her pro-life stand, fiscal conservatism, and determination to reduce foreign oil dependency through domestic sources, if only in her home state. Such a choice will FINALLY(!!!) win the confidence of the social conservative base of the party, and may even convince a few disaffected Hillary supporters to switch sides this year. What's more, with an avid interest in hunting and fishing, Palin may be just the gal to win over that ever-elusive "Bubba" demographic. (In other words, half the guys I grew up with.)

This is also the year of a sudden outbreak of testicular fortitude among the nation's Catholic bishops. Leading the charge is a man who already had a healthy does going for him. Yesterday, Fox News' own Neil Cavuto interviewed Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver about Pelosi's "confusion" over Church teaching on abortion, particularly her abysmal lack of understanding of Augustine's teaching on the subject. Let's hope this is not the last of it.

The result of all this has been a week of great importance to American Catholics, who now must examine their consciences carefully. Is the Faith about belonging, or about believing??? The answer determines the vote, and what it says about the voter.

Style. Substance. You decide.

[THIS JUST IN: The Associated Press provides analysis on the downside of Palin. As if...]

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Is the Faith about belonging, or about believing?

Well said!

But it's not style vs. substance. Once side has both.