Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pertinacious Papist Presents Palin

Doc Blosser, being the pertinacious fellow that he is, posted the following from his son today:

Yesterday, John McCain chose Sarah Palin... a Feminist-for-Life mother of five (one Downes Syndrome, whom she refused to abort); she's a 2-term mayor of Wasilia, AK and ran on a campaign of reform for governor, where she went head to head with corrupt Alaskan Republicans and "Big Oil" and has an 80-90% approval rating. She sold her predecessor's private jet (which he purchased using a state credit card) on E-Bay because it was "government waste." Her husband is part Eskimo; one of their sons joined the army on 9/11 and is currently serving in Iraq. She hunts and fishes and is a lifelong member of the NRA, and knows how to handle a machine gun.

Barack Obama picked Joe Biden.

If someone could write and tell me how she "went head to head with 'Big Oil,'" I'd love to read about it.


Dad29 said...

Forbes wrote a brief article on that, dated 10/07 or so.

In brief: BigOil proposed to build the pipeline for natural gas from Prudhoe to Alberta (a connection line,) but only if BigOil got a 5% discount on their 'extraction tax.'

She told them that the pipeline would be put to competitive bid instead.

THEY told her that "they'd think about" pumping the natural gas...

That's where it is today, I think.

Christopher said...

The drill-down on Sarah Palin
John McCain's running mate supports drilling but she has also tangled with Big Oil
, by Telis Demos, writer-reporter. Fortune August 30, 2008.

Palin Has Long Experience
Dealing With Big Oil in Home State
Wall Street Journal August 30, 2008.

See also TIME's interview with Sarah Palin.