Thursday, August 07, 2008

Playing Devil’s Advocate

About two months ago, I was invited by Patrick Archbold, writer-editor of Creative Minority Report, to join him and others in a new collaboration. The Gregorian Rite reports on issues related to the restoration of the Traditional Roman Mass. Unlike The New Liturgical Movement, we do not extend to other areas of the liturgical movement, our focus is not quite as scholarly, and our works have more of an edge. (That's just my own spin on it; I can't say how my fellow contributors would describe it.) Unlike Rorate Caeli, all of us use our real names.

My first piece is up, the introductory segment of a series entitled "Advocatus Diaboli," or "devil's advocate." In the Church, this was traditionally the person who scrutinized petitions for causes of saints, for possible incriminating evidence. In secular English usage, the term "devil's advocate" describes one who poses a contrarian view for the sake of argument. The series is expected to run in four segments.

Some of the material has appeared in earlier works I have written here. This could not be helped, since a few of my readers didn't get it the first time.

So you see, it's really out of my hands.

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