Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The ‘Nati (Doesn’t) Like Ike

Hurricane Ike made its way up the midsection of the USA this past weekend. Much to this writer's amazement, it maintained much of its force by the time it reached the Ohio Valley, even as far north as Chicago, which gets enough wind without any help. As this is written, most of the Cincinnati area is without power since Saturday. Duke Energy, the area's main utility, hopes to have power restored to 85 percent of its customers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, by tomorrow.

Other reports are less optimistic. Our folks living on the eastern outskirts may not get relief until this Saturday. From this vantage point, it is as bad as I can ever remember. Cincy has been known to recover from tornadoes a lot more easily, like that last bad one back in August of 1969.

Here at mwbh, our prayers go out to the people of the "Queen City of the West." Hang tight, everybody. I'll be there in less than two weeks.

[THIS JUST IN: The power came back on in Milford around 3 this afternoon. Mom is celebrating by doing laundry. What else can she do? There's no booze left in the house.]

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