Monday, January 05, 2009

Coming Here, This Year, Have No Fear...

There will be some minor enhancements to man with black hat this year.

The basic template is expected to remain the same. Additional code enhancements, however, will provide for a collapsible archives ("My Back Pages"), so you won't have to scroll to Kingdom Come to find that special month. There will also be a new illustrated masthead on top. Display of video clips will continue, although YouTube's new entries now have a widescreen format, and we're allowing for that. In addition, there will be additional bells and whistles as time goes on, as soon as our Research and Development people can determine how the Adoring Public can best be served.

The "Usual Suspect" entitled "Portfolio" is already being rebuilt, since I have a new web server for my non-blogging use. Go to to see my interactive media creations.

Occasional features on the usual "church chat" issues will continue, so people can still get the impression that this is a Catholic blog, while also leading one to conclude that the author has a reasonably balanced life. We will also continue to have regular features. These will include "Plug This," introducing the best kept secrets of the Catholic blogosphere, and other special series as well. And of course, the Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy will prevail, as always.

Speaking of "no fear," let's all enjoy some flying human squirrel jumping. HOO-rah.

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