Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wazzup With WTF?

Yo, dude. We got the total DL on the latest buzz with that whole pro-life thing. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says wazzup:

Students for Life wanted to find a catchy title for their new campaign against the Freedom of Choice Act... one that would connect with college and high-school students. So SFL IM’d their BFFs, and OMG, came up with the WTF campaign...

The way they explain it, "Yes, it references a phrase that is offensive. However, unrestricted abortion is much, much more offensive. Using this phrase points to that fact." Hey, you were wondering what could possibly follow most so-called "pro-life Catholics" voting for a guy who said he'd sign off on totally legalized abortion, right? You can go to the website and check out the FAQ on the whole WTF.

So much for being desperately hip.


Rich Leonardi said...

Desperately hip indeed. This stuff usually goes over like Nixon doing disco. In any event, word from the Hill is that the Party of Death won't push FOCA this year.

The Anonymous One said...

These are very sapient comments. I must add that I did go to the SFL conference on this past Saturday, and will tell you that T-shirts with this phrase emblazoned upon it seemed to sell reasonably well.

Anonymous said...

Sat behind a young woman at our parish's pro-life service wearing that very t-shirt. Lot of guts to wear that in church. had fun fooling my 13-year old, saying "I always wondered what WTF stood for?"

Mark in UP