Monday, February 02, 2009

Post-game Whoop-Dee-Do: Part Deux

Most people know that the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl last night, edging out a second-half would-be rally by the Arizona Cardinals, with an edge-of-the-line end zone completion at less than three minutes to the end, for a final score of 27-23. But many of the fans are waiting for the critical analysis of the halftime show with Bruce Springsteen. We're showing a clip here from NBC's "Today Show" with his live performance of that hit from last fall called "Radio Nowhere." This would be an improvement over that to which we were subjected last night. Among other gaffs, Rob O'Connor noticed the same thing last night that we do in the clip.

There were too many people on the stage. After five members in a band most rock 'n' roll groups get noticeably worse with each additional member. Van Morrison is the exception to this rule and Bruce has skirted it by employing top notch guys like Miami Steve and Nils Lofgren. However, he had at least six guitar players onstage. All playing the same parts. Add on the horn section and we're talking chaos.

At the very least, we're talking overkill. As a general rule, no rock band ever needs more than three guitarists -- lead, rhythm, bass -- unless the fourth is the headliner, and that's just for window dressing so he can jump around the stage like Garth Brooks with an attitude problem.

We'll have more Monday morning quarterbacking today and tomorrow -- that would make it Tuesday, whatever -- as time and coffee breaks permit.

We'd love to show you Springsteen's "official" music videos, but he disabled the embed code in all of them. And you thought his sales deal with Walmart was just an accident. This has "sellout" written all over it. Maybe video really did kill the radio star.

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