Monday, September 14, 2009

Reality Bytes

We'll close the matter of events in Washington last Saturday, with a three-and-a-half-hour time lapse illustration, of what the mainstream media (not to mention certain others in high places) would like to pretend didn't happen right outside their windows. It's hard to get really good at ignoring the obvious, but anything's possible, don't you think?

Or don't you?

(H/T to HotAir.)

[UPDATE: How big was the crowd??? YOU figure it out!]


Rick said...

The admin will ignore and downplay it hoping for it to go away and lose steam as another political ploy by the opposition. Then they will continue to bulldoze their agenda with their lawmakers while they still have the majority. It appears that the only one's to blame are those who put them there. Then again, if the politicians renegged on their promises, then those who put them there can and should also take them out before more damage is done.

Rich Leonardi said...

What's your estimate of crowd size, David?

David L Alexander said...

From what I've read about how crowds are estimated in DC from overhead, and using that as a basis of comparison with overhead photos of the event itself, there were at least well over a million.

I'm inclined to believe it may have been as high as two million.

Paul said...

"On Saturday, (FreedomWorks organizer) Matt Kibbe announced on stage that ABC News had estimated a crowd of 1 to 1.5 million. ABC News reported no such thing."

David L Alexander said...

Hey, Paul, thanks for clearing things up. Of course, it only confirms my suspicion (not to mention Rick's, see above), that the mainstream media deliberately ignored one of the largest public gatherings in the Nation's capital since the Million Man March. Why?

You tell me.

Paul said...

The mainstream media ignored it? You mean one of the world's most watched political pundits on THE most-watched cable news network in America didn't devote hour after hour, day after day to it? The mainstream media is the entire reason there was a protest in the first place.

I was there, by the way. I've been in a crowd of 300-500k for a protest. By mid-afternoon, at least, this didn't even come close. Protests on the mall routinely stop and reroute traffic, especially during the mid-afternoon rush. This must have been a pretty organized, cooperative bunch, because my drive to work (up the 14th St Bridge and across Pennsylvania Ave.) was in no way negatively affected by the march.

David L Alexander said...

Is that you, Sparky??? Maybe they WERE "a pretty organized, cooperative bunch" after all.

Okay, okay, Fox News covered it. Please don't try to tell me anybody else did it justice. As to your experience with the estimate, unless you stood at the bridge with a clicker that had six digits, I'm putting more stock in the information found here which I just posted tonight. I've had a little experience with this sort of thing myself in my younger days. THIS is how crowds are estimated.