Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey, did I buy all this candy for nothing?

"I Walked With A Zombie" is the title of a 1943 horror film directed by Jacques Tourneur and released by RKO. It is also the title of this uncharacteristically unimaginative tune by R.E.M.

It was raining earlier today, so there won't be much walking with zombies in Arlington County, at least not outside. Of course, the County website provides all kinds of possibilities for Halloween fun with the kiddies, all of which involves stuffing the little rug rats into the car and schlepping them to a library or a recreation center somewhere.

What's that? You've got a better idea? You mean like stepping out the door with your kids, and walking down the street begging for treats? What kind of deal is that? Sounds like too much fun. Sounds like very little inconvenience. Sounds like something we can't regulate the bejeezus out of.

I'll bet this is a lot more fun back in Milford.

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