Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Sidebar Stuff

As part of our continued effort to improve your reading experience and insatiable curiosity, we here at mwbh have added two new features to the sidebar. We can only show the images here, since their scripts do not function in the main column, so you'll have to make an effort to scroll down the page. It's not so bad.

One feature is in response to what this writer has to concede (if reluctantly), is the success borne from increased readership by those who follow "tweets." You know, those little messages from Twitter. Somebody got stinking rich knowing that there was a market for people with nothing to do all day, but send an endless stream of messages, each with 140 characters or less, to apprise the equally unfulfilled of their every waking move. Then there are the few, the proud, the elite among us, who use it judiciously, and only in the interest of alerting discriminating followers (and in our case, you both know who you are) to things one would hope are worthy of further review. Obviously I had to have a "button" specifically tailored to our unique branding concept. So we stole the one used by Ironic Catholic.

The other is an feed aggregator (this is to say, a news reader) devoted to The Chesterbelloc Mandate, devoted to a little-known social-economic school of thought known as "distributism." While hardly an expert on the subject, this writer has looked forward to learning more about this alternative to the excesses of both capitalism and socialism, inspired by the social encyclicals of the Popes, and the writings of both G K Chesterton (1874-1936) and Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953).

This was decided upon after we received an essay last night, from one of our regular correspondents, which was authored by Thomas Storck, also the author of The Catholic Milieu, from which a quotation appears as our "raison d'etre" at the top of the blue sidebar. The topic of some discussion on e-mail lists, is the matter of "Economic Science and Catholic Social Teaching," one that could not come at a better time. It is hoped that we can devote more to this subject here at mwbh.

But if it's all the same to you, this author prefers to know what he's talking about first. Go figure.

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