Thursday, October 22, 2009

Return to Life As We Know It

ahaha.gifI will spend most of today at the office figuring out where I left off when I -- well, left.

My career as a graphic designer is changing. I'm now becoming a multimedia designer, or something. The emerging division of my time between print and interactive media in my office seems to reflect that. I am definitely not complaining.

If you're anything like me, you like a good vacation as much as anyone, but look to the return home with mixed feelings. You wish you could stay just one more day, in case you might miss something that you usually miss all the time. There is always one more old school chum, one more event in the city, one more thrift store -- hey, that's just me, right? -- to visit.

Then again, there is a relief upon walking in the door, knowing that no one broke in and stole anything. Except for the mail lying on the floor, everything is where you left it. But there's no Sunday paper, and it's already Tuesday evening and the stores have already turned them back in. There's also the bills you took care of online, and a couple of surprises that have to be taken care of ... well, ideally while you were out. Such is when the reality sets in. Not only can you go home again; sooner or later, you'd better. The other things set the stage for reality, too. In my case, it includes several calls a day on the land line, from people who just hang up. (That happened at my last number as well. I don't get it.)

My sister wouldn't vouch for this after watching me check my inbox throughout the day while I was there, but I've missed a few big developments in "the Catholic blogosphere." Sure, there were other people to cover these things, people who don't appear to have a office job, or any job, or otherwise seem to have a lot of time on their hands. That's when I get the following in my inbox from a maternal aunt ...

On Monday of this week our youngest grandson Jack age 5 became ill with a fever. It has now been confirmed that he has the H1N1 virus. As of yesterday, his sister Jenna age 3 also has become sick. Due to the fact that Jack had a heart operation a few years ago, his condition is even more serious. On their behalf I am asking for your prayers that they can both overcome this illness.

... and I know the news that really matters. And I'm thankful to have a job which takes up my time, and pays me almost well enough.

Now then, where was I?

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