Thursday, October 29, 2009

Screen Test

Is the news going "down the tubes" in your house?

Are you tired of getting your news from the same "Big Three" every evening, realizing that what you see and hear is just a powder-puff version of what's really going on? I know I am. That's why I've spent much of the year looking for a news video feed to place in the sidebar, one that is continually updated, and gives the reader the kind of news they can actually use.

The best candidate so far appears here.

TimesTube is produced by the Washington Times, and I've selected two options. The first (above right) has the advantage of being smaller, and clicking on any choice opens it up in a separate window. The advantage to this one, is that I don't have to widen the sidebar; I can use it as is. The second option (left) shows the image of the most recent video clip, which is the advantage in this case. But since the source only provides for a limited number of scalable options, I would to have to widen the sidebar to use it.

One possibility I'm considering, is to use the first option now, and reserve the second one for a redesigned weblog. Slated for rollout early next year, the enhanced site would appear much as the current one, only with sidebars on both the left and right of the main column. This would provide for better organization of content, and would acknowledge a growing audience of widescreen viewers.

We are looking to the internet for more and better choices in how we get our information, as it is clear that the "mainstream media" has gone in the tank for a particular world view, and cannot be trusted simply to tell the viewer what happened that day.

Check it out. Discuss. Get back to me. Whatever.

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