Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea For Two

Dede Scozzafava is the Republican candidate to represent the New York 23rd Congressional District. She may as well be a Democrat on most issues. Such is how the "Grand Olde Party" continues to alienate its conservative base. This is why the Democratic candidate is hardly worth mentioning here. What IS worth mentioning, is that Doug Hoffman is running for the same seat, as the candidate of the Conservative Party. This writer recalls the Conservatives as a long-time third-party presence in New York, a state with its share of "country club Republicans." So, when former Alaska Governor and Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin came out last week endorsing Hoffman, he had to be fitted for a new war chest overnight. And as anyone in Washington will tell you -- the right or wrong of it aside -- the candidate with the biggest purse gets the prize.

But what does former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich do? He takes the knee-jerk approach and endorses the Republican candidate. Thankfully, when Tea Party organizer Lisa Miller politely confronts him during a book-signing event, she asks him what's the buzz. In a lesson that could be learned by most pompous asses in Congress with their so-called "town meetings" on health care, he comes out from hiding behind good squads and stacked audiences bussed in from out of town, long enough to give an equally polite explanation. He makes perfect sense, until you realize what little benefit his approach has done so far, for that side of the political conversation which he claims to represent. (Hey, Newt, heard from Arlen Specter lately?)

We'll let the clips speak for themselves. We'll also notice how civility in politics is done, rather than resort to the worn-out stereotypes that certain people in high places have been parading on Sunday morning talk shows. Later this week, we'll show you certain people for what they really are when they merely TALK about civility. We've got some golden oldies in the vault that are sure to liven the conversation around the water cooler. Stay tuned.

(H/T to Ed Morrissey of Hot Air. More analysis from Doctor Zero. Meanwhile, John Halton writes via TweetDeck: "I'd like to see Hoffman win in NY-23, but if no, I'll settle for Scozzafava losing. Easier to replace the Dem in 2010.")

[THIS JUST IN: “A poll released today by the Club for Growth shows Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman surging into the lead in the special election in New York's 23rd congressional district to replace John McHugh, the former congressman who recently became Secretary of the Army.”]

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Dad29 said...

Gingrich makes an egregious error by confusing the "smoke-filled room" selection of Sozzo'za for some sort of primary/plebiscite.

If that's deliberate, he should be run off the reservation. If not, then he should apologize.