Monday, October 26, 2009

Where there’s a Will ...

Say what you will about the late President John Kennedy; he kept his sense of humor when it came to dealing with the press. On the other hand, syndicated columnist and frequent bow-tie wearer George Will decries the change in the present day, as he hits the Sunday morning talking-head circuit yesterday:

No president in the history of the Republic has less reason to complain about his treatment in the press than Barack Obama. Liberals have Academia, they have the mainstream media, they have Hollywood. They’re all for diversity in everything but thought.

And out here is this one channel, Fox, and they’re all up in arms because, in the words of Ms. Anita Dunn of the White House, it is “opinion journalism masquerading as news,” which some of us would say describes the New York Times and certainly MS-NBC.

Not to mention nearly the entire mainstream print and broadcast media. Note one comment in particular: “They’re all for diversity in everything but thought.” Americans can be diverted from watching Oprah long enough to assure themselves, that such Orwellian scenarios could never happen to them.

There may have been a time when they believed that in the UK. Not lately.

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