Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes He Can!

I heard the news tonight, oh boy ...

Last week, the two daughters of the President were vaccinated for the prevention of the H1N1 ("swine flu") virus. Thousands of Americans have stood in line for hours, including pregnant women, children of tender years, health care workers, and others of high risk groups, many of whom end up being turned away because some bozo forgot to count. But the agent of Hope and Change got to move his kids to the head of the line.

If there is to be any Hope for "the huddled masses yearning to breathe free" for a bit longer, information can be found at this website: flu.gov.

We provide this public service because we care. Yes, we can.

(You can too. To learn more about how a strain of influenza gets around, click on the illustration for a closer look. Image courtesy National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Health.)


Dad29 said...

The entirety of Racine County, WI., does NOT have any swine-flu vaccine following the Feds' distribution of last week.

None was allocated to Racine County. None was delivered.

mrsdarwin said...

I'm going to play a bit of devil's advocate here: a week or so ago I read an opinion piece (I think in the WSJ) taking the president to task for saying, then, that he and his family were going to hold off on being vaccinated so that the vaccine could go to those who needed it more. The op-ed said that the president had a responsibility as head of state to set an example of getting vaccinated so that people would realize how serious H1N1 was.

I don't know if I buy the line of reasoning (and I can speak, because we've all survived the swine flu here!) but it's a bit harsh for the guy to be hit coming and going over the vaccine issue. Sometimes the cigar is just a cigar.

David L Alexander said...

Well, he's having it both ways, Mrs Darwin. He and his wife are the ones waiting, and the kids got theirs early. Now, if he really wants to use the power of his office to set an example, he'd get his own first, and the others would wait. He's the one that got elected, not his wife (although I wouldn't want to be the one to break it to her). But one could argue that he is using his office to undue advantage, while avoiding personal responsibility for setting an example, by sending his children in his stead.

There isn't a public servant on the government payroll, who doesn't have ethics training drilled into him every year. Every public servant but the top guy and his closest minions.

Bottom line: the man should just do the right thing.