Wednesday, January 13, 2010

FLOTUS: New Year, New Sartorial Strategy

I should probably read Hot Air less and The Huffington Post more, not only because I'd get a broader view of the political scene, but I'd be more tuned into the burning issues of our time. Health care legislation? The economy? Earthquakes in the Caribbean? No, dear minions! I'm talking about the First Lady's hair.

This illustration (which I stole from the erudite pages of The Huffington Post, by the way; I'm just sayin'...) shows how it looked in November, as well as how it looks this month. Notice how it was brushed back last fall, to reveal just a little too much of her forehead, not to mention that look of ... well, let's call it determination, on her face. Seriously, every time I see her on television, or in the newspapers, she always seems a little upset about something. I realize such perceptions are not always reliable. I've lived in this town long enough to know, that the public persona of an individual is not necessarily how they are in private. You know, as in real life.

Still with me? Okay, now look at the January version. Notice how her hair falls naturally along the edges of her face, to flatter it by softening the edges a little. It was a brilliant decision that will have ramifications at soirees and cocktail parties from The Hill to Hollywood.

And now, the Nation can move forward.

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