Friday, February 26, 2010

Life at the Main Drag

We were chatting "around the water cooler" this morning, so to speak, about how high the winds were blowing outside. My Scion XB would be a bit too high to stay upright on the road if things got bad enough. The conversation drifted to model car collections, then to custom modifications. Finally, the name of Ed Roth was dropped, and I remembered some of the guys I grew up with back in Ohio.

There were some guys in my Scout Troop who were totally into cars. How they ever got their hands on them by the age of fourteen, I couldn't tell you. Whatever you hear about Boy Scouts, these guys were definitely not sissies.

What is it about small towns and car enthusiasts? I suppose there is an inherent need for a sense of high culture in all of us, and when we are not raised to appreciate what some call "the finer things" in life, we look elsewhere to fill that void. There is a sense of adventure for the individual, and of camaraderie for the group.

That's when I found out more about those stickers I used to see on cars driving down US 50 past the shopping center. Funny how things like that flash back in your head sometimes.

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