Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Other End of the Rainbow

Conventional wisdom notwithstanding, we may not have to celebrate our diversity as much as is believed. Our diversity is unavoidable. Inasmuch as the good Lord makes each and every one of us different in some way, we are left to our own devices as a tribute to the diversity that is already part of the human condition. To give an example, in the Filipino (Tagalog) language, "oh oh" means "yes." Depending on how Sal enunciates it in passing on any given day, it could sound like "uh uh," which means "no" on this side of the planet. You think that hasn't started trouble on more than one occasion? Oh, "yes yes" it has!

What's more, it is possible for such emphases to be our own worst enemy, as one group is easily set against another. We haven't heard from Jesse Jackson in awhile. Someone apparently reminded him of that, so he got back on the stump and tried to portray a multi-millionaire basketball star as being treated like a slave because he "ran away" from his "slave master" -- that is, the employer for whom he (the alleged slave) voluntarily agreed to work for a handsome price. Judging from the internet chatter, most young people aren't buying it. Once your kids graduate from the finest private schools on the East Coast, and are doing very well on their own, it does manage to cut into your street cred, just a little.

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