Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guitar Workshop: Percussive Guitar
(Lessons 4 & 5: Left & Right Hand Independence)

Long title, huh?

Well, it's a mouth full, because this week's lesson is a hand full. TWO hands full, to be more precise, because this week, the left and right hands declare their independence.

You'll notice from the beginning how the hammering-on and pulling-off of notes with the left hand, is a prominent feature in percussive guitar. Not only is it a percussive action in its own right (or left, actually), but it frees the right hand to act more on its own in that whole slapping-and-taping thing.

You'll also notice that this week's video clips are equipped with the option of closed captioning. Those in our American audience who find the British accent too hard to follow, or anyone who finds it easier to follow regardless, may want to avail themselves of this option. And, as usual, there is more information about the artist and his work, both at his website, and his MySpace page.

Our next lesson will be in two weeks, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. When we return, our series on percussive guitar will conclude with a Dale Campbell original composition.

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