Monday, November 01, 2010

Why Jim Moran Should Be Retired

Jim Moran has been the U S Representative from the 8th Congressional District of Virginia since 1991. In his case, that's long enough.

Not only is Moran an ardent defender of "a woman's right to choose" (yeah, he said it right on TV), as well as embryonic stem cell research, but he professes to be a Catholic. And as we all know, you can't be Catholic and cooperate in the murder of unborn children at the same time, no matter what euphemisms you apply. Not only that, but he has supported the recent health care reform legislation. But not before insulting the intelligence of his own constituents in that lame excuse for a "town hall meeting" he conducted last summer. (We carried Jim Geraghty's coverage via Twitter on that charade in August of last year.) Listen to him explain why tort reform isn't a viable alternative to the present situation. What a coward!

Last month, Congressman Moran made disgraceful comments at a meeting of the Arlington County Democratic Committee. He says his opponent, Patrick Murray, has "not performed any kind of public service." Murray is a retired U S Army Colonel who served for 24 years, including deployment to Baghdad in 2007. Such comments were not out of context, but they were out of line. Many of the people Moran represents are career military. They deserve better than this. The men who lie in Arlington Cemetery are in his district, too, and they too deserve better than this. And unless the candy-@$$ bourgeois liberals who predominate Arlington and Fairfax Counties have their way, we need to throw that shanty-Irish son of a bitch Moran out of office once and for all.

And in case you haven't noticed, we're endorsing Patrick Murray to replace him.

God bless America. HOO-rah.

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