Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why, Oh — Revisited

I'd sure be curious as to why, but the following mwbh piece from June of 2008 has been getting an unusual amount of traffic in recent weeks:

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why, Oh — Why Did I Ever Leave Ohio?

One thing our viewers won't find, is a video clip of the featured song from that musical, as an embeddable clip could not be obtained, until now. This one just hit YouTube last July, featuring Rosalind Russell and Jacqueline McKeever, in a CBS television production from 1958, with Russell in her original Broadway role as "Ruth." I just know all you folks wanting to hit the road for the Buckeye State have been asking yourselves this musical question.

After thirty years, I know I do.


Anonymous said...

The song was featured on Glee last week!

David L Alexander said...


That explains the interest in the last week, not the last eight to ten weeks.