Thursday, January 13, 2011

Razing Arizona

In the wake of the recent pep rally for the President bearing little resemblance to a memorial service for those who were killed in the Arizona shootings, there are several laws being proposed to protect public officials. The Daily Caller lists the five most ridiculous:

1. Encase the entire House and Senate floor with Plexiglass so the tourists can’t throw things at members of Congress.

2. Impose a federal ban on carrying a firearm within 1,000 feet of any “high-profile” public official.

3. Make it illegal to draw pictures of elected officials within crosshairs or say things that might be considered ‘threatening’ to lawmakers.

4. Use the Federal Communication Commission’s power to finally get that dastardly Rush Limbaugh off the air (or at least get him to stop being so mean).

5. Since the alleged Tucson gunman liked to smoke pot, the federal government should impose tougher drug laws.

Now, just so we're clear, this author is a Federal employee, working in a Federal building, and those of us who work in them should know they are safe from guys like William Ayers who planted a bomb at the Capitol, and went on to host a fund-raiser for the man who is now President, or any sort of harm. Then again, if we imposed term limits, members of Congress wouldn't be around long enough to piss off anyone any more than they absolutely had to.

Did we mention the free tee-shirts? Discuss.

THIS JUST IN: "Together We Thrive" is a leftover slogan from a recent Presidential campaign. Wanna guess which one?

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