Monday, November 28, 2011

“I read the news today, oh boy ...”

From the wires of the Associated Press, unless indicated otherwise, and all without permission or shame.

The undisputed Mama's Boy Capital of the World has to be Cleveland, where it is no coincidence that an eight-year-old boy has been taken from his mother and placed in foster care, as she can no longer control his weight. The third-grader weighs in at over 200 pounds, and preventing kids from picking on him is too much of a strain on a public school system, that has enough trouble teaching those brats to read a job application. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

In Chestertown, Maryland, "Frosty the Snowman" was arrested, or at least someone who looked like him, during their annual (no kidding, they still call it a) Christmas parade, for allegedly scuffling with police and kicking at a police dog. There must have been some magic in that ... nah, it couldn't be! (Easton Star-Democrat)

Tatiana Limanova, an award-winning journalist and host of a Russian TV news show, has been taken off the air for making an obscene gesture after mentioning President Barack Obama in a live newscast. Something about the recent APEC summit. Most Americans probably did the same thing, but hers went viral. Ooops! (Reuters)

Dude, check out this video of an octopus literally crawling out of the water and dragging itself across dry land for its next meal. And read all about it. (Yahoo! News)

Everybody's saying that the President did not mention the word "God" in his annual Thanksgiving proclamation. On the White House website, the transcript shows God as having been mentioned twice. If the President failed to invoke the Almighty during the broadcast, he obviously thought the better of it at some other point. (

Finally, and for all you news hounds out there, remember to watch for Uncle Jay's annual Singing Year in Review, to be made available on DVD. We will definitely keep you posted. Stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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