Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obligatory American Idol Story

You know what Monty Python used to say, "And now for something completely different ..."

No, I don't pay much attention to shows like American Idol. In thirty-one years of civil service, I have occasionally had to work for arrogant people, where I had no choice (thus being the reason I could sleep well at night, in spite of being overpaid). Watching three of them judge young kids who attempt to do what they could barely do themselves, and being total jerks about it, is not my idea of entertainment. (Other than being the wife of a rock star, can someone tell me what Sharon Osbourne brings to the table? C'mon, anybody!)

That said, it would appear that my hometown of Milford, Ohio, may turn out to be the home of the next Justin Beiber -- just when we all thought one was enough.

American Idol contestant and Milford High School freshman Eben Christian Franckewitz is performing live Tuesday night.

Eben, 15, made it to the Top 24 on American Idol last week and will sing live for America's votes.

Eben auditioned for Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson in Pittsburgh, where he impressed the judges with his performance of "Ain't No Sunshine."

Three viewing parties are happening Tuesday evening in Milford ...

Okay, these three particular judges I could handle, but those who get up the nerve to face them aren't always so lucky.

"Eben" is short for "Ebenezer," in case you were wondering. But before you give a son that name, know that our young hometown hero may take a lesson from the Palins, and get it copyrighted as his own trademark. Honest, the tee-shirts are already out there. "Vote 4 Eben" and "Milford's Idol" to name two.

We've got two more nights of this claim to fame on national television. So, if this is what you're into, let's wish this kid the best and show him some love on Facebook. I just did. You know why? Because up to now, this town of just over six thousand has only been known for producing famous athletes. (Don't ask.) Any attempt to branch out has got to be a step up the food chain, don't you think?

Or don't you?

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