Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Ready for “Frankenstorm”

Hurricane Sandy is due to hit the eastern coastline of the United States as the weekend is over. There are already indications that it could be one of the worst tropical storms in many years. All the way from Maine to Florida, people are stocking up on white bread and toilet paper. There will be massive panic at the gas stations.

(Hey, that reminds me, I gotta get up early tomorrow ...)

This weather forecast from Fox News is from last night. Best we could do.

Here in the Nation's capital, we are expected to get the edge of it (which is bad enough), while people in New Jersey and eastern New York state, on up into New England, will get the worst. Federal employees have already been advised by their agency heads of contingency plans, whether for the reporting of essential personnel to their duty stations, or by means of teleworking from home as long as the power and internet holds up. It's all part of what is called “Continuity of Operations” or COOP. You can rest assured that your Aunt Minnie's Social Security check will be processed and delivered on time. (Trust me, if it wasn't, even the Tea Party would march on Washington.)

Meanwhile, here at Chez Alexandre, we have our hatches battened down. If the power shuts off, the first thing to do is turn on an emergency lamp in the living room. Then the refrigerator is secured with duct tape, to avoid anyone "accidentally" opening it. Even the frozen food can last for at least three days. Finally, in the event that smartphones with emergency battery chargers are the laat line of defense, we here at mwbh central will be monitoring the hashtags "#frankenstorm" and "#sandy" on Twitter, to provide you with continuous coverage of forces beyond everyone's control.

Don't you feel safer already?

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