Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Riders on the Frankenstorm

Last evening about 7:30, as the winds were blowing at least 60 to 70 miles per hour, the cable and internet went out at Chez Alexandre. This writer responded in a calm and collected manner to the crisis by going to bed early. Thanks to the courage and devotion of Comcast's finest, we were back online by dawn this morning. The power never went out, at least not in this neighborhood. That said, there were those who, sadly, did not escape the wrath of nature.

Meanwhile, elsewhere along the eastern seaboard:

The flooding along the Jersey Shore led to massive evacuations (unless you live in Atlantic City and were stupid enough to listen to your mayor when he told you to stay put). It had quite an effect on the landscape, giving others the opportunity to enjoy it, like this shark seen strolling down the avenue. (@mindblowing)

Those who did not respond to orders to evacuate attempted to go on as though things were perfectly normal. The result in one case has let to a caption contest at LookAtMeShirts.com. Get your entry in by midnight Thursday and win a twenty-five dollar gift card. Don't be like this guy, though; get one that's the right size.

In another scene almost as bizarre, residents of Manhattan took quick action in the aftermath of massive power outages, mobilizing at the nearest Starbucks for the free wireless connection. Never let it be said that New Yorkers cannot adapt in an emergency. (@nowthisnews)

Finally, and on a more inspiring note, the power outage and the oncoming floods in New York City forced the successful evacuation and transport of babies, from the NICU of Tisch Hospital at the NYU Langone Medical Center, to New York Presbyterian Hospital and four other surrounding hospitals. It took a dedicated staff of doctors and nurses who went to tremendous lengths to get to the scene, and who didn't leave until the job was done. The babies are safe, doing well, and are in good hands! (www.peekabooICU.net. Photo by John Minchillo/AP)

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