Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Smackdown Revisited

A lot has been said about the Presidential debates last night. From the Associated Press, we get this insight from George Washington University political science professor Danny Hayes, who says Obama did well, while Romney held his own. When you consider that moderator Candy Crowley was basically in the tank for Obama (who still can't stop lying through this teeth), interrupting Romney 128 times, as opposed to 9 times with Obama, and ganging up with Obama on Romney for his bogus handling of the embassy raid in Libya, the very least we can expect from the polls, is that Romney won't gain much (if you don't count the latest Gallup poll), but won't lose anything either.

That's the short version.

The long version depends on the heretofore undecided voters. Those are the ones who will sway the "swing states" that either candidate needs to clinch it, and it doesn't look as though Romney will lose his gain here. But one's thing's for sure; if Romney can come out of the third debate smelling like a rose, that's the ball game. Michelle can start making vacation plans on her own dime.

At Chez Alexandre, we watched the web feed from The Wall Street Journal. Beats the hell out of those poseurs at The Daily Beast. Meanwhile, Crowley may have been the real loser of last night's debate, don't you think?

Or don't you?

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