Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Women and Men

I knew that one day, if this venue were to continue for long enough, I'd be writing on a subject like this. But what could I say that would add to the conversation, that has not been already -- lately?

I subscribe to a number of sites through Facebook, if only for personal amusement. One of them is Upworthy, devoted to progressive and liberal causes. Some of them are quite worthy. Most ... eh, not so much. Occasionally, they present one that leaves a great deal to be desired. This may be one of them.

Step 1: Search Google for things such as "Women shouldn't" or "Women can't."

Step 2: Check out the auto-complete suggestions.

The results in these UN Women advertisements are real, and many online commenters have said the results are the same or very similar around the world.

The world's most popular search engine has shown us what the world really thinks of women.

And so, following a most scientific method, according to the United Nations (with the help of Google), this is what the world thinks.

women cannot
women cannot drive
women cannot be bishops
women cannot be trusted
women cannot speak in church

There are three other illustrations, so that the following are covered:

women shouldn't
women shouldn't have rights
women shouldn't vote
women shouldn't work
women shouldn't box

women should
women should stay at home
women should be slaves
women should be in the kitchen
women should not speak in church

women need to
women need to be put in their place
women need to know their place
women need to be controlled
women need to be disciplined

Now, some of these issues are genuine injustices. And, noting that of the four illustrations in the series representing the women of varying races of the world, the last one appears to be wearing traditional Muslim garb, including the "hijab," a veil that covers the head and chest, worn by females beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males. It is also worth noting that a number of regimes that impose such restrictions on women, also persecute Christians, even granting to some the crown of martyrdom, and such draconian rulers are enjoying a particularly favorable relationship with the current administration. (To be fair, some have for many years, but especially so at present.)

It goes to show that, yes, there are some genuine injustices against women in the world, at a time when the Holy Father is most attentive to the role of women in the Church (which is not the same thing as giving them titles, but ... that's another story).

But then I thought, hey, why not have a little fun with this? So, I did the same thing on Google -- you guessed it -- for men! Here now are the results of the (equally scientific) search on Google, for the top four items of the following:

men cannot
men cannot be feminists
men cannot be trusted
men cannot get hit from women
men cannot pick up chair

Actually, that last one is true. If you can stand watching this for nine minutes (as over 107,000 have already tried), you can find our for yourself that men really cannot do this, but women can. Don't ask me why.

men shouldn't
men shouldn't wear shorts
men shouldn't wear flip-flops
men shouldn't marry
men shouldn't hit women

Nor should women hit men. It happened to me once, completely unprovoked, but that's another story.

men should
men should die
men should always pray
men should pursue women
men should not wear makeup

Before our fourth item, they had "men should not marry," but we covered that already.

men need to
men need to feel needed
men need to ejaculate
men need to cheat
men need to be men

Well, that one sure ran the gamut. And finally, yours truly cannot resist the urge to add a few of his own.

men cannot bear children
men shouldn't get in the lifeboats before women and children
men should pay for dates (number six on Google's list, actually)
men need to love their wives, and lay down their lives for them

We are who we are because God made us that way. He makes men to be men, and women to be women. He does not make men who should have been made into women, or women who should have been made into men. God does not make mistakes. This means that if a man or a woman believes otherwise, and we hear so often these days of those who do, they are IN ERROR -- don't you think?

Or don't you?

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