Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ole Slew Foot: Update


Here is the latest information from the Miami Township Police Department and the Ohio Division of Natural Resources:

Young male most likely from Kentucky. 2-3 yrs. of age around 85 lbs. Not causing any damage or harm. Law enforcement is monitoring situation and we will only move the bear if a situation arises.

Dispersal of sub adult male bears occurs annually, typically a result of being driven off by their mother as she prepares for the breeding season. Young females have smaller ranges and seldom venture as far as males to establish territories. We do often get dispersing bears from neighboring states, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania where the bear population is very healthy.

If a bear is sighted, individuals should contact the Division of Wildlife District Office (937-372-9261) to report the sighting, and then leave the bear alone. Enjoy this rare appearance at a safe distance. Do not approach or impede the bears movement.

Some bear reports in Ohio are associated with nuisance situations. When people remove potential food sources, conflicts with bears often diminish. Moving bird feeders higher, removing uneaten pet food, keeping trash inside until pick up day, and cleaning up after grilling out all help to deter bears from frequenting an area and becoming nuisances.

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