Thursday, December 25, 2014


(We present an excerpt of a 1992 performance by the British folk-rock ensemble Steeleye Span, for the hour we have awaited is upon us.)

Gaudete, Gaudete,
    Rejoice, Rejoice,
Christus est natus
    Christ is born
Ex Maria Virgine,
    of the Virgin Mary,

The hour of grace which we seek is here.
    We offer with devotion our songs of gladness.

Gaudete ...

God is made man, a thing of wonder.
    The world is renewed by Christ's reign.

Gaudete ...

Light has arisen. Salvation is come,
    Bursting the gates of death.

Gaudete ...

Our congregation lustily rejoices now,
    Giving blessing to God, our Saviour and King.

Gaudete ...


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