Thursday, July 08, 2004

While I was out...

"I coulda been a contender; I coulda been somebody!"

My kidney stone passed through the system sometime on Friday. Thanks to the prayers of my readers, and 1000 mg of naproxen per day, the process was not as painful as the last one. But I went in for a cat scan anyway, just so they could get a look at things. I should know by the weekend.

"Sal" is back from California, having nearly completed her mission out west, and being ready to move back here where she belongs. I took her out job-hunting yesterday. She's also looking to share a place with a group of nice Catholic girls in DC. You guys know any? Starting tonight, we've got a four-evening dance marathon, and I'm taking a break from zydeco on Friday, so "Sal" can get her inner salsa out of her system at the Latin dance club. What a gal!

Meanwhile, out in the world, Edwards joins Kerry on the Democratic ticket. In making the announcement, they admit to having "better hair" than their Republican opponents. He could be serious. After all, Clinton had much better hair than Nixon. You see a pattern here?

More news at this post as the day develops, and my second cup of coffee kicks in.

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Jamie said...

Welcome back, David.