Monday, June 13, 2005

"A Rose by any other name would still..."


Michael Rose is the author of the critique of modern church architecture, Ugly As Sin, as well as the exposé on the heterodox subculture in the Catholic vocations system, Goodbye Good Men. He has also, for the past several years, maintained an internet news site known as CruxNews, which has long appeared in the Links column on the right side of this site.

Starting today, Cruxnews is merging with a new and much-enhanced website for that feisty periodical The New Oxford Review.

NOR was founded in 1977 as an Anglo-Catholic periodical by... well, an Anglican, this one named Dale Vree. The magazine followed him and his family after he "swam the Tiber" and reconciled with Rome in 1983. Since then, free of sponsorship by religious orders, mainstream Catholic publishing, or other manifestations of the ring-kissing, boot-licking status quo, NOR has been content to give its readership the straight skinny, regardless of the cost. And it has cost them -- both membership in the Catholic Press Association, and more recently, a listing on some Catholic periodical library index, the name of which escapes me. (Must not have been very important. Sigh...)

Alas, Michael has not been spared the slings and arrows of the Usual Gang of Idiots. Even those who knew damn well to agree with him about the gist of Goodbye Good Men, had too much invested in loyalty to the religious orders that keep their presses humming, or associations with golf-club-swinging, thousand-dollar-a-plate-dinner-grubbing, papal-knighthood-wannabe types, to get wise to what he had to say.

Cowards, all of them!

And so, two kindred spirits are joined. And for those of you who have more magazines piled around the house than you know what to do with once you're done reading them (Who, me? Perish the thought...), NOR is available for online subscription. Michael still gives the same hard-hitting stuff for which he is famous. And NOR gives you just enough of their articles and continuous polemics (not for the faint of heart) to make you beg for more.

And so, when I get around to it, look for "New Oxford Review" to replace "CruxNews" at stage right.

In alphabetical order, of course.


Bubbles the Terrible said...

Let's not forget that the New Oxford Review is the same publication which feels no compunction against using the word "fag", feels perfectly free to lie about Scott Hahn's theological musings as long as it makes them look conservative, and has actively slandered David Morrison for having the temerity to suggest that as Christians, we might want to treat homosexuals with something like charity. They took this suggestion and lied, saying that David Morrison was trying to "normalize homosexuality." When called on these lies and slanders, NOR has repeatedly demonstrated a cowardice and an ability to equivocate which rivals that of the USCCB.

Sorry Black-hatted Man, but the NOR seems to be headed by a bunch of sanctimonious, self-righteous, cowards. Hardly a cause for celebration.

Bubbles the Terrible said...

On second thought, maybe they could bring some much-needed integrity and intelligence to the operation.

"Always look on the bright side of life..."

David L Alexander said...


It's a tough call, really. Would I rather be called a "f@&" or "Bubbles"? No, seriously, folks. Morrison has addressed this issue rather gracefully, and at some length:

What? Befriend Those People?

As to the matter of Dr Hahn's writings, I suggest that the MWBH reader (either of them) examine what NOR has written, and judge for themselves. Have a copy of the Catechism handy when you do, though. Sooner or later, this is actually an issue of merit, not whether Scott got his picture taken with the Pope.

Kate said...

NOR is not to my taste, but I will forever be grateful to them for unveiling the web of euphamism and back-room politicking surrounding the destruction of my beloved alma mater, AMC!