Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Likely, But Implausible

Lately I've noticed people using the results of a report or a study to justify a position, only to find upon reading it that their contention is a bit overstated, if not entirely off. Seems I'm not alone:

"Adjective creep amounts to increasing the strength of a finding as it is condensed, simplified and becomes more widely disseminated. It is much like what happens to rumors as they pass from person to person, with each person embellishing on what the previous gossip has told them. One minute Mary sniffles, the next her husband is getting condolences on her passing from pneumonia..."

A tip of the Black Hat to TCS Daily. Welcome to the same page. (Fans of Medjugorje, consider this a hint.)

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S.H. said...

why is there no profile picture of the man with black hat?

I protest.