Thursday, July 27, 2006

When you're out of Bud, tough Schlitz!

Many are familiar with the contentious divorce case between Bud and Bai MacFarlane. Bud, who with his wife was co-founder of an apostolate known as the Mary Foundation, left her for some damn fool reason or another, and now wants custody of their four kids. In a state like Ohio, it looks like he may actually get them. Angelqueen posts a copy of the court's ruling, including the major points of the marital breakdown. It doesn't portray either of them in a favorable light, especially that part about relocating for the Y2K thing. (Ah, that one brings back some memories, don't it?)

From everything I've been able to gather about this case so far, my sympathies tend to be with Bai, although I don't think she has used the best judgment -- not to mention gotten the best lawyer -- otherwise the custody battle would have been a slam-dunk in her favor. (I've got more to say on this, pending further advisement.)

A discussion in the Anglequeen forum follows the text of the ruling. The comment from "baimac" would appear to be Mrs Macfarlane herself. All told, it reinforces my original contention in all this -- when it doesn't make me wanna take a shower after reading it.

Saint John Bosco, look out for the boys, will ya?

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